Atlantic Shores, Inc. began in 1984 with the intent to establish a home repair and improvement company. Contracts were secured with seasoned builders who chose to subcontract certain portions of their jobs to Atlantic Shores.

In a short time, Atlantic develeoped it's own customers from word-of-mouth and began taking jobs directly from homeowners. To date there are over 1,370 home improvement jobs completed from both subcontracted and customer-direct sources. Atlantic Shores has also completed home repair work directly for HUD. HUD has since offered Atlantic Shores extensive work in the borough of Brooklyn, which we have elected to decline.

During the early 90's, Atlantic Shores began working with local banks and real estate companies in effort to secure and maintain foreclosed properties. After the purchase, reconstruction, and sale of a foreclosed home in late 1992, the decision was made to continue purchasing distressed properties, along with vacant land, while maintaining the home improvement portion of the business.

In 2001, Atlantic Shores opened an office in South West Florida where we still build, reconstruct, and maintain residential and commercial properties.

Atlantic Shores currently purchases vacant land and rehab homes in prime locations for demolition and complete new construction. Home sizes have increased from 1,100 - 1,400 sq. ft. units in the early 1990's, to 3,500-10,000+ sq. ft. homes today.

Atlantic Shores, Inc. has proven itself to be among the top residential new home builders in the Long Island, NY area. We have based ourselves on a well known reputation of honesty, integrity, and quality, which has allowed us to continue to provide service in the following areas:
Our team consists of our own carpenters, electricians, masons, maintenance workers, etc. to ensure quality control in every phase of construction, from land analysis and architectural design, to custom interior and exterior finishes.
Our reputation as skilled builders was built upon scores of satisfied homeowners. Our best guarentee for continued success depends upon the care we take to build and personalize our clients' homes.
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