Mulch being deliverd in trucks We offer our customers one of the finest grades of mulch. You may choose from natural, double chocolate brown, vibrant red, or triple black.

What makes our mulch better is that it is produced form pallet wood. These pallets are made strictly of oak wood. The wood is baked to a temperature of 135 degrees to remove all mold, bacteria, and parasites, making the wood both dry and termite-free. Applying the color to clean, dry wood assures the best absorption for long-lasting color. other mulch made directly from trees does not always hold its color because it is often ground when it is wet and sappy.

We deliver anywhere from 3 - 80 yards of mulch to both residential and commercial sites, six days a week. Call us for your local area pricing.

Atlantic Shores also has in-house landscape design and instillation experts, available for all your landscaping needs.

We are currently offering our Spring Special:
3 yards of mulch, any color, delivered for only $110.00