Sealcoating is one of the most overlooked and important areas of asphalt paving and repair. A sealcoat consists of either coal tar or asphalt, mixed together with emulsifying agents and additives. The application of sealcoating will help to protect your inital investment, and reduce maintenance costs, while extending the life and appearance of your existing pavement.

Benefits of Sealcoating

  • Overall appearance and beautification of parking area
  • Prevents drying and hardening by the suns UV rays
  • Protects against oxidation and water damage
  • Protects against expanding and contraction which causes crubmling, shrinking, and decomposition of asphalt
  • Reduces maintenance costs (easier to clean and maintain)
  • Coal tar protects against chemical spills like oil and gas
  • Protects against damage from weather and climate change
  • Increases pavement flexibility which prevents damage